Animal Hospital of Western Springs Client Services


We make sure our clients have access to everything they potentially need. So along with providing great pet wellness care and treatments, we also offer the following services:


Our facility provides microchipping for pets! We use DATAMARS, a universal microchip to help bring your pet home. Losing a pet can be a scary situation that unfortunately can have devastating consequences. According to studies, approximately 10 million pets get lost each year, and approximately 90 percent of those found would not have been returned to their owners if they didn’t have some form of permanent identification, such as a microchip. This is an easy way to keep your pet safe and make sure that they can return home if they ever do get lost.

In-House Pharmacy, Online Refills & Telemedicine

Animal Hospital of Western Springs provides a direct connection from the exam rooms to the pharmacy. This means you can get your pet’s medication right in our office from a safe and reliable source. We maintain a complete inventory to make sure your pet has whatever they need before, during and after appointments. Getting refills is easy! Simply fill out our online form and you will have your pet’s medication in no time. You can also call our facility and discuss over the phone.

End of Life Services

Our staff provides at-home euthanasia, grief counseling and cremation. Let our compassionate team be there for you during this difficult time. We are prepared to assist by providing services to bring an end to your pet’s suffering in a timely comfortable and respectful manner. Our office can also provide grief counseling to help you deal with your loss in a healthy manner. Please call our office at (708) 550-1111(708) 550-1111 for more information.